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Historic Night for The Gem State: MTF 38 Fright Night Showcases Five Thrilling Women's MMA Bouts

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

In a groundbreaking move for the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) in the Gem State, Mountain Force MMA is set to host "Fright Night" at The Shoshone Bannock Hotel and Casino in Fort Hall, Idaho, on Friday, October 27, 2023. This historic event will feature an astounding five women's MMA bouts out of a total of thirteen fights on the card, marking the first time in Idaho's MMA history that such a significant number of women's bouts will be showcased in a single event. A significant milestone for women in combat sports.

MMA fans in Idaho have long awaited an event that celebrates the talent and dedication of female fighters, and Mountain Force 38 is stepping up to deliver just that. With a stacked card of fierce competitors, "Fright Night" promises to be an unforgettable evening of action-packed fights.

Let's take a closer look at the five amateur women's MMA bouts that will take center stage on this historic night:

Featherweight Championship

  • Headlining the women's bouts is a battle for the Women's Featherweight (145lb, 65.8kg) Championship. Two top contenders, Current Mountain Force Champion & Boise Idaho's own, Ariel Frantz (4-1), will enter the cage versus Canada native, Khaya Mackillop (2-0), vying for glory and gold. The anticipation is palpable as these skilled athletes prepare to leave it all in the cage, showcasing their talent and determination to either retain or win the MTF women featherweight title belt.

Featherweight Clash

  • The Featherweight division (145lb, 65.8kg) has been steadily gaining recognition, and this matchup between Ali Pellegrini (1-0) of Tri-Cities Washington and Boise native, Virginia Rodriguez (1-1) will undoubtedly contribute to its growing reputation. These two fighters will leave no stone unturned as they go toe-to-toe in pursuit of victory.

Atomweight Showdown

  • In the third showdown of the prelim event, fans can expect a fierce clash in the Women's Atomweight (105lb, 47.2kg) division. Both fighters, Angela Bartlett (0-0) of Pocatello, Idaho & Robyn Dunne (2-0) of British Columbia Canada, are known for their striking prowess and submission skills, setting the stage for an intense battle that could steal Fight Of The Night.

Flyweight Power

  • This Flyweight (125lb, 56.7kg) bout features one up-and-coming seasoned fighter, Maddie Moorhead (0-5) of Boise vying for her first win & one hungry debuter of Cody Wyoming, Michelle Alquist (0-0) eager to make their mark in the MMA world. With their hunger for success and a display of raw power, fans can anticipate a fast-paced and thrilling contest.

Atomweight Roundoff

  • Starting off the quintet of women's bouts is an Atomweight match, between Idaho transplant from Rhode Island, Brianna Scofield (0-0) and Alaska's own by way of Sacramento California, Savannah Encelewski (0-1) that has been building up for months. These two fighters have a history filled with hard training, and their meeting inside the cage promises to be nothing short of explosive & fireworks.

Mountain Force's decision to feature five women's MMA bouts, on the same card of thirteen total bouts, demonstrates a commitment to promoting gender equality and diversity within the sport. It also reflects the growing popularity of women's MMA and the remarkable skill and dedication of female fighters.

As the excitement builds for "Fright Night" in Fort Hall, Idaho, fans and fighters alike are gearing up for a night of high-energy, intense competition. This event not only raises the bar for MMA in Idaho but also sends a clear message that women's MMA is thriving and here to stay.

"This is not our first time ever having this many female bouts on one card," said Mountain Force owner and promoter, Juan Pablo. "Our 1st was back in March of 2021 at Mountain Force 23 in Logan Utah. The difference and significance here is that Idaho is getting their first fight card, maybe in a very long time, with more than two women MMA bouts. That's pretty exciting, I think."

So, mark your calendars for Friday, October 27, 2023, and join us at The Shoshone Bannock Hotel and Casino for a historic night of women's MMA action at Mountain Force 38 "Fright Night." Get ready to witness athleticism, heart, and determination like never before as these talented women fighters showcase their skills and make history in the Gem State. Don't forget to dress in costume.

Tickets can be purchased at or with a local fighter. Livestream ppv can be watched at

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