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Mountain Force MMA (MTF) is a Mixed Martial Arts/Live Events organization featuring many of the best & talented fighters in and around the rocky mountain region. Headquarted in Northern, UT, Mountain Force is owned & operated by

JP Marketing & Events, LLC.

Mountain Force is comprised of an executive team that includes top professionals in LIVE MMA event orchestration, fighter development/relations, venue procurement, sponsorship creation/development, national licensing, marketing, advertising, publicity, and commission relations.


Mountain Force debuted its first fight night event (MTF 1) in Spring 2018. Get ready for MTF fight events that will feature male & female, professional and amateur bouts of all weight classes & fight styles. 

Mountain Force's mission is threefold:

1. Provide MMA athletes the opportunity to compete in the sport they love

& train hard for; while simultaneously helping them fulfill their MMA career goals.


2. Provide the utmost fun, safe, & family friendly MMA entertainment

to fight fans of all ages. 

3. Provide a platform where businesses & organizations can market their 

product & services through Mountain Force's competitive sponsor program.





Got what it takes to become a

Mountain Force fighter? Then click link:

Fulfill your dream, Improve your fight record, Be part of all the action; Be the Main Event...

We’re always looking for talented Pro & Amateur fighters to participate with Mountain Force MMA.



MTF 23-LOGAN, SAT, MAR 27, 2021. 7PM MDT



Mountain Force MMA would like to hear from you; and

also keep you posted on event updates, promos, & news. 

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Phone: Coming Soon


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